Ribble Way QR Trail


In August 2013, the idea of a QR Trail along the Ribble Way was entered into a competition run by TalkTalk.  We were delighted when the idea was shortlisted and even more thrilled to then learn that it had won, with £5,000 awarded to fund the development of the project! 

What’s QR?

QR stands for ‘Quick Response’.  It’s a simple method of using your smartphone to quickly access information online; it’s just like scanning a barcode.  In an instant, you’re taken to a webpage.   

How will it work?

We’ll be erecting signs in various places along the rivers that will feature QR codes.  They’ll link to webpages that will offer interesting information about the wildlife you’re likely to see by the river, what projects are going on in the area to improve the river, and what environmental issues still need to be tackled.

The initial focus of the QR Trail will be the ever-popular Ribble Way, a pathway that follows the course of the River Ribble for over 70 miles, from its source at Ribblehead in the Yorkshire Dales right down to the estuary at Preston where it enters the Irish Sea.  We hope to expand the QR Trail to the Hodder, Calder and Darwen catchments too. 

What are the benefits?

We think it’s a brilliant way of engaging a wider audience and educating them about their rivers in a fun and interactive way.  We hope that the QR Trail will…

Ø  Raise awareness of the issues that our river environments face

Ø  Encourage people to take better care of their rivers

Ø  Inspire people to enjoy the outdoors and be more active

Ø  Encourage tourism to the area

Ø  Help to promote local businesses


Watch this space!